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The Rookery

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The Rookery


featured in Someplace To Be Flying


The Rookery is the name for a Victorian house on Stanton Street owned by a man named Lucius Portsmouth, which like many of it contemporary houses in Newford has been subdivided into apartments for rental. Separated from Stanton street traffic by the line of hundred-year oaks lining both sides of the street, it is preceded by a carefully-kept lawn, and some less well-kept (read: feral) flower beds and shade trees, its property (like most of the houses on the block) spans the entire block from Stanton street to the carriage lane in the back.


An enormous elm tree is the predominant feature of that back yard, along with a carriage house overgrown with enough ivy that its original color is obscured. Granite walls covered in rosebushes separate the backyard from those of its neighbors. A murder of crows and "one bad-tempered raven" are the predominant wildlife in the backyard, and most of the neighborhood.


The downstairs apartment is 1200 square feet of high-ceilinged rooms, and appears to occupy nearly the entire first floor. Upstairs are two apartments, and finally there is a top-floor apartment which, like the first floor apartment presumably takes up the entire floor.



Residents and frequenters of The Rookery


Rory Crowther rents the first-floor apartment.


Annabel Blue (Annie to her friends) rents one of the second-floor apartments, and runs Uneasy Records out of said apartment.


Kerry Madan takes up residence in the other second-floor apartment shortly after the beginning of Someplace To Be Flying.


Lucius Portsmouth/Raven lives in the third floor apartment along with Chloƫ Graine.


Brandon Cole rents the upper of the two small apartments in the carriage house in the backyard.


The Aunts rent the bottom half of the carriage house.


The Crow Girls claim to live in the elm tree in the backyard, and it is more than likely true.

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