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Rory Crowther

featured in Someplace To Be Flying


Rory Crowther is a writer and jeweller. He is coincidentally an acquaintance of many characters who end up figuring centrally in the story of Someplace To Be Flying. He has known Lily Carson for years, since they worked on a story together for In The City, and he also knows Hank Williams through a business association with {Marty|Martin Caine].


Annie Blue is a close friend to Rory, and has been the object of his mild infatuation for years. Thinking that she never noticed, Rory assumed it would never result in anything, while all the time Annie herself was wondering why he never acted on it.


A resident of The Rookery, Rory is therefore also acquainted with The Crow Girls, Brandon Cole, Chloe Graine, and The Aunts. Whether or not he is acquainted with Raven/Lucius Portsmouth is debatable, since Raven did not respond to his presence when they were introduced by Chloe and may or may not be aware of his existence. Rory also has at least a passing acquaintance with Jack Daw.


Rory has a trace of the Animal People blood in him, but not quite enough to live full-time in their world. He has a difficult time accepting the unexplainable, and when faced with something that cannot be explained without accepting the existence of magic, it will simply fade from his memory after a short time.

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