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Welcome to the Newford Wiki!


The Newford Wiki is created by and for fans of Charles de Lint's collection of novels and short stories set in the fictional North American city of Newford. Its aim is to be a concordance of sorts, presenting an easy to guide to which characters know whom, to places and people, and the general mythology presented in this setting.


The Newford Books


I thought I read at least most of the books taking place in and around Newford, but a quick look at the FAQ on Mr. de Lint's website proved me wrong. Below is the list of published works involving Newford and the folk who live there, in the reading order recommended by the author.


NOTE: Charles De Lint's website lists the books in a slightly different order from the list below. However, the introduction to Tapping the Dream Tree specifically states that the stories in that collection take place before The Onion Girl, making it necessary to move Tapping the Dream Tree and Seven Wild Sisters up on the list to reflect that.


Dreams Underfoot (short story collection)

The Dreaming Place (YA novel)

A Whisper To A Scream (novel,originally credited to "Samuel M. Key")

I'll Be Watching You (novel, originally credited to "Samuel M. Key")

Memory And Dream (novel)

The Ivory And The Horn (short story collection)

Trader (novel)

Someplace To Be Flying (novel)

Moonlight And Vines (short story collection)

Forests Of The Heart (novel)

Tapping the Dream Tree (short story collection)

Seven Wild Sisters (short novel, also available in Tapping the Dream Tree)

The Onion Girl (novel)

Spirits in the Wires (novel)

Medicine Road (novel)

The Blue Girl (YA novel)

Make A Joyful Noise (short story)

Widdershins (novel)

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